• Vertex Pharmaceuticals | Boston, Massachusetts | Gold  

    Full interior design for 1.18 million square feet across two buildings. Certified LEED-CS Gold and LEED-CI Gold, January 2016.

  • The Stanley Building | Cambridge, Massachusetts | Gold  

    Design of the newest building for the Broad Institute in Cambridge, the Stanley Building. Certified LEED-NC Gold, December 2015. 

  • Longwood Center | Boston, Massachusetts | Gold  

    Architectural design of a new 450,000-square-foot research facility designed to accommodate multiple tenants from surrounding research institutions. Designed to achieve Certified LEED-CS Gold, June 2015.

  • Six Ten Main Street at MIT | Cambridge, Massachusetts | gold  

    Core-shell design of a new 250,000-square-foot building housing Pfizer laboratories. Certified LEED-CS Gold, January 2015.

  • University of Massachusetts | Fall River, Massachusetts | certified  

    Architectural design for a new 36,000-square-foot high-tech process development facility. Certified LEED-NC, December 2014.

  • Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles | Boston, Massachusetts | Gold  

    Fit-out of four floors in an existing building to house the MassDOT RMV. Certified LEED-CI Gold, December 2014.

  • Cambridge Center Expansion | Cambridge, Massachusetts | Gold  

    Expansion of Cambridge Center at Google Headquarters. Certified LEED-CS Gold, September 2014.

  • 17 Cambridge Center | Cambridge, Massachusetts | Platinum  

    Core/shell design of a new 190,000-square-foot life science building, which is home to Biogen. Certified LEED-CS Platinum, February 2014. 

  • new york genome center | new york, new york | Gold  

    Fit-out of 150,000 square feet of genomics research and office space. Certified LEED-CI Gold, July 2014. 



  • 150 Second Street | Cambridge, Massachusetts | Platinum  

    Core-shell design for a 130,000 square foot multi-tenant research facility. Certified LEED-CS v3 Platinum, December 2013.


  • Dassault Systemes | Waltham, Massachusetts | Platinum  

    Interior design services for 212,000 square feet as well as planning and design of outdoor meeting areas. Certified LEED-CI Platinum, September 2013.


  • Las Vegas City Hall | Las Vegas, Nevada | Gold  

    Design of the new 309,000-square-foot City Hall for Las Vegas. The scope of the project includes site planning, architectural design of the building shell-core, and complete interior design services. City Hall has been certified LEED-NC Gold.